The Same Old Same Old: Boulder Beer Company

Boulder Beer Company Boulder

In Colorado, we often consider ourselves at the epicenter of the craft beer revolution. Sure, Portland might also make the same claim, but let’s face it: these days, Colorado is known primarily for three things. Of course, I’m talking about marijuana, skiing, and beer. In that respect, we’re all thankful to the first brewpubs in the state, those intrepid suds pioneers who took the first gallant steps away from watery mass-produced lagers. They showed that America was ready for flavorful beer, and for that, I’m certain we’re all thankful.

Any conversation about the origins of craft beer in Colorado (let alone the country) would be incomplete without mentioning Boulder Beer Company, who has been supplying north Boulder with the barley juice for a quarter of a century; they were the first brewpub in Boulder Beer Company BoulderColorado, and they received the 43rd brewing license issued in the entire United States. The brewery’s story is one of humble beginnings; two CU professors with a passion for homebrew set up their original manufacturing site in a goat shed. From there, they introduced Colorado to a world beyond terrible domestics. They proved that beer could be filling, flavorful, and unique.

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