Take a Mature Stance this 4/20


Everyone knows April 20th as the stoner holiday. 4/20 will probably always be known in America as the day that marijuana die-hards skip work or class and conglomerate to roast as much herb as humanly possible. Sure, it’s great to get out and support a cause that has been revolutionizing not only our state but also the nation. It’s wonderful to get together with friends and tons of new people you may have never met, united by giant joints and new fangled smoking contraptions the world has yet to see. But amidst the general sense of revelry that looms on the near horizon, I would love to tell a few tales of caution for those visiting Boulder, or locals planning to indulge on the holiday.

For one, it is not legal to smoke marijuana out of doors, meaning the state has allowed us this great right under the agreement that we use marijuana responsibly in our homes or private property. Loopholes of every sort have emerged to get around this no smoking publicly law, namely renting a private vehicle where people can indulge. Some companies park a limo outside of venues and allow people to come on for a small few …read more

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