Starting Anew in Spring

bunny workout

Ahh, sunshine, blue skies and blessed warmth. Tulips, robins and breezy dress-wearing collegians bear witness to the arrival of springtime. We finally peel off our jeans and sweaters, replacing them with shorts, tank tops, and skirts. But then the truth is revealed, often harshly. We come face to face with the fact that we ignored our body in the winter while its layers were hidden under outer layers of fleece and down. New Year’s resolutions have long since been forgotten and winter habits have taken their toll. Fortunately, spring is still a great time to begin a new exercise program. But rather than dive right into a workout, hitting it hard, injuring yourself in the process, losing momentum and giving up altogether, aim for a softer, gentler approach and start your new workout armed with a few tools.

Choose Wisely

When starting a new exercise regime, it is important to have a specific goal. Do you want to lose weight? Are you training for an event? Are you looking to bulk up? A unique strategy is required for each goal. Decreasing weight or body fat often requires increased cardiovascular activity. Toning, strengthening and building muscle require using different sizes of weights and …read more

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