Snakes in Boulder

Despite the chilly temps this week, it has been and will be pretty warm outside; snakes are back out in the fields and trails around Boulder. But never fear, Boulder County is home to only one venomous snake, the prairie rattlesnake.

There are a few kinds of nonvenomous snakes that reside here as well, but you will likely only get confused when you see a Bull snake. Bull snakes are quite common around Boulder and their large size and similar pattern to that of a prairie rattlesnake get people worried when they come across one on the trail. Here are some ways to tell them apart:

1. Coloring/Pattern

Both snakes have a brownish spot pattern, but the rattlesnake has light circles outlining his dark spots. The rattlesnake also usually appear more of a dusty brown color, and the bull snake has dark brown, blackish blotches.

2. Head shape

Bull snakes’s heads are the same size as their necks, while the prairie rattlesnake has a head much broader than the neck, in a somewhat triangle shape.

3. Rattler

This can be a little confusing because some prairie rattlesnakes have stopped rattling to warn those around it, which is …read more

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