Perfectly Good Cars Get Thrown Out Of A Plane In Furious 7

According to the dictionary, one of the definitions of the word “superfluous” is, “unnecessary or needless.” I mention that just to give you guys a heads up. This entire review is superfluous. I will put irresponsible amounts of money down betting that you’ve already made up your mind if you’re going to see Furious 7. Odds are nothing I write will sway you one way or the other. Is it causing me to undergo an existential crisis? Yes. But I knew the risks when I took the job, dammit.

But wait! Before you think I’m going to start mercilessly ragging on Furious 7, which I’m not, let’s remember that summer movies are specifically designed and marketed to engage the lizard brain. Big, loud and thrilling is the name of the game. When you see a preview where Chris Pratt leads a squad of velociraptors, or The Hulk and Iron Man lay waste to a city, you make a snap decision. Within a few seconds, you decide if you’ll buy in or not. The tragedy is that, sometimes, if you don’t give a movie a fair chance, you’ll miss out on something good. I almost made that mistake.

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