10 Things Triathletes Do That Piss Cyclists Off.

I used to break this rule

Part of being a triathlete is being a cyclist, and part of being a cyclist is making fun of triathletes. This strange relationship is one that I have gotten to carefully observe over the years. Many of my friends are strictly cyclists, and many are strictly triathletes. The only thing they have in common is that they ride bikes.

Triathletes try to be the master of three sports, and I get it, that is annoying. We are like that girl you went to high school with who was the president of the student government, captain of the basketball team, and voted homecoming queen.

Here is a list of 10 things that triathletes do that drive cyclists crazy.

1. Riding with a sleeveless jersey

Sleeveless jerseys are acceptable under two circumstances: You are in a race and just got done swimming, or if… actually there are no other acceptable times.

2. Talking about the other workouts they that day

If you are on a bike ride with a cyclist and mention how you had a hard swim that morning, that person has the right to smack you.

3. Riding their triathlon bike on a group ride

Triathlon bikes are built so that you can ride alone more efficiently. …read more

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Faces of Boulder: Photo of the day


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Forging Your Mental Armor


Your Mental Armor is a positive attitude. Your attitude is the one thing you always have complete and total control over. Your attitude dictates your response to every situation. If you have a positive attitude, you create opportunities. If you have a negative attitude, you create excuses and more unfavorable situations.

Building a positive attitude can withstand any, and all, circumstances. It is an invincibility. It is your armor. It will protect you from negativity. You will never become a victim of circumstance. Opportunities will find you because you are always looking up and looking forward. Your head will never hang in defeat. Your victorious attitude will provide countless new opportunities in your life.

When something happens to you that some might consider “bad” or “unfortunate”, you do not waste a single second being negative about it. Negativity only prevents you from finding the positives. Negativity stops progress dead in its tracks. You stop moving forward and start retreating when you allow your attitude to shift to the negative.

Building a positive attitude that can overcome all setbacks takes effort. It is natural to feel victimized in certain situations. You always have to power to choose to be different and not accept …read more

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Water Main Breaks, Floods Parts of Boulder

After one disastrous flood in September, it appears Boulder, Colorado’s luck has yet to improve.  According to an article recently completed by Daily Camera, Boulder News, ground movement caused by existing saturation from the previous flooding forced an eight inch cast iron pipe to burst, with the bottom of the pip blowing out, causing a break in the water main that managed to flood basements and cover cars in mud.  Earlier this week, millions of gallons of water swept through parts of University Hill, specifically on College Avenue between Tenth Street and Lincoln Place.

        In the flooding, five or six properties suffered water damage; in addition, six or seven cars were affected, according to Mike Banuelos, the city’s spokesman.  Witnesses claim seeing water shortly after five in the morning.  City crews were notified of the break roughly thirty minutes after the initial break, at around five thirty in the morning; crews worked vigilantly and had the water shut off by six o’clock.  Unfortunately, in this brief amount of time, over one million gallons of water managed to erupt and flood the area.  The pipe has since been replaced, water pumped out of the affected basements and driving surfaces repaired.

        The event was a particularly trying one for University of Colorado student Cole Thompson.  His apartment suffered excessive flooding during the September incident and was, once again, flooding during this exchange.  However, due to the early hour of the water invasion, Thompson was asleep and was not able to save his items, as he did in September.  All of his furniture and electronics have been destroyed and he is now in the process of working with the university to find replacement housing.


10 Reasons Boulder Rocks

Taken from AboutBoulder.com

1. Hiking, Biking, Climbing

There are mountains here.  Boulder is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Even if you don’t want to climb, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the flatirons anywhere in town.

2. Job Opportunities

There are a ton of exciting startups located in downtown.

3. Shredding the Gnar

During the winter and spring, there are many places to ski and snowboard in Summit County and Vail County.

4. You don’t need a car

Boulder is small enough to get around without a car, and there is a great public transit system.

5. Rocky Mountain High

You can legally smoke marijuana in Boulder.

6. Pearl Street / Downtown

A 4 block stretch of downtown, which is perfect for people watching and nightlife.

7. Beer, Glorious Beer

With 115 breweries in Colorado, Boulder is considered the Napa of Beer.

8. Foodie’s Paradise

Bon Appetit Magazine calls Boulder the Number 1 town for foodies,

9. Live Music

There are plenty of cafes and bars to enjoy live music, and Denver is a short drive away for larger groups.

10. The Weather

Low humidity, 300 days of sunshine, and a moderate climate.