Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


Meet Rockies and fantasy baseball fan, Brian Morton! Representing for the big opener in Denver today, Morton is ready to watch a great game.

“I’m looking forward to the Rockies still being awesome,” he says, confident that the Cubs will go down tonight at Coors Field.

Morton, a philosophy and math double major at CU, has lived in the Louisville and Boulder area his entire life.

“Boulder is the San Francisco of the mountain west,” Morton says, “It has grown a ton, but the culture hasn’t changed at all.”

So what do you say? Are you guys ready to cheer on the Rockies today with Morton?

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Taco and Tequila Hour

tahona label

Tahona Tequila Bistro is infamous for its late night weekend dance parties held every Friday and Saturday from 10pm-close. With no cover, diverse crowds gather to dance and enjoy the wide variety of tequila that Tahona has to offer. For those of us that can’t peel ourselves from the couch or underneath the comforter of our bed, Tahona also has a fabulous happy hour.

Tahona feels very welcoming right from when you step your foot in the door. The bar sits to your left and high-top tables scatter the floor of the restaurant. It is bustling. Conversations fill empty spaces in the restaurant while the staff meanders around the full tables. It is a high quality restaurant that serves excellent food, however it never feels stuffy.

Happy hour is served everyday, however the hours vary throughout the week. The schedule is the following:

Tuesday-Thursday (4pm-6pm)

Friday & Sunday (3pm-6pm)

Saturday (11:30am-6pm)

Monday (4pm-close) All night!

As with many restaurants in Boulder, Tahona offers happy hour all night on Monday so there are no worries about when you get there. There are a few other specials that are worth noting, however. On Tuesday, they have Taco Tuesdays starting at 4pm until close. This is …read more

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Meanwhile on Campus…

On Monday, April 6, the CU Creative Writing Association with support from the CU Cultural Event Board and the CU English Department collaborated to put on a reading and panel featuring three talented and inspirational poets. The show was titled, “Code Switching and Recoding Language,” in which the three presenters expressed powerful words and images that depicted the struggles that cultural differences and binary breakers face. These performers highlighted the issues of oppression that stem from the lack of acceptance, expressed stereotypes and general lack of knowledge and education that many American’s represent today. The three performers, Cathy Linh Che, Jennifer Tamayo and Mykki Blanco, all used poetry in order to explain the oppression that each of them have experienced in relation to their own differences.

Cathy Linh Che’s poems were powerful and personal; her words painted a picture for the audience of what life was like for her parents, Vietnam war survivors and immigrants, and the affect that their bravery and courage has had on her life in America. She interwined the Vietnamese language, and expressed the contrasts between the Vietnam culture and American culture. She also brought to life the horrors experiences by her parents and by the Vietnam …read more

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Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


Meet Laura L, a freshman at the University of Colorado whose smile will brighten your day from a mile away! Laura came to Boulder from Ft. Collins this past August.

What has been the craziest thing about living in Boulder so far?

“There is a pig that lives on my residence hall floor. He loves to visit open doors. It’s fun!” Talk about a unique dorm experience!

Laura absolutely loves it here. “Boulder is intriguing because of the diverse mix of people.” I’d say that seems like a common theme here in Boulder!

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On Your Mark, Get Set, TeamSnap!

If you have ever coached a team sport of any kind, been a parent whose children are part of any number of team sports, or have been involved in a team of any kind then you know the organizational struggles of team sports. Even though in my mid twenties I am far removed from the team sport scene, I do remember the coordination chaos my parents underwent on a daily basis having three kids all involved in multiple soccer teams and dance companies; who had practice which night of the week and for what team, what time were games on the weekends? Or is it performances this weekend? Whose turn was it to bring team snacks? Oh and don’t forget about the pasta parties before big games!

From a coaching perspective it doesn’t get any easier. Keeping track of game and practice schedules is difficult enough without having to worry about uniform costs, team costs and if your team will have enough players to show up for the game. So how do you stay organized on the field as a coach or player or off the field as a parent? Never fear, there’s an app for that!

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Music and More: Boulder’s Weekend Happenings

The sun is shining and the weekend is just around the corner! Beautiful weather calls for a stroll down The Boulder Farmers’ Market. The weekly market has opened for the 2015 season, and will be waiting for you on Arapahoe Avenue every Saturday morning. Savor the locally grown produce and indulge in fresh cheeses and salsas; one of my favorite Boulder outdoor pastimes.

Boulder has another great weekend of music in store for all of us to enjoy. It’s tribute weekend at The Fox Theatre. Both the Friday and Sunday shows pay homage to music legends of various genres. Friday night’s show goes by the name Felebration, celebrating the Afrobeat star Fela Kuti. Felebration’s hot lineup will feature a “14 piece wall of sound,” with an array of musicians from the Colorado music scene. Artists will include members of The Motet, Euforquestra and Atomga showing off their inner funk. Sticking with the tribute theme, Sunday’s show at The Fox features Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience. This cover band has been rockin’ the tunes of the iconic group since ’95, perfecting the appearance and playing styles of their idols for a decade.

The Boulder Theater will feature a two night run …read more

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Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


Taking a break in the shade with his buddies by the Boulder Creek, Tony Masar loves this beautiful spring weather. Masar is an Erie native who works and spends his weekends here in Boulder. He skis, snowboards and camps–to name just a few.

“It’s a great outdoors place,” he says, “My wife and kids love to hang out by the creek and walk the Pearl Street Mall.”

Masar says that he has a hard time getting his kids off of the rocks on Pearl Street. “They love playing on those things!”

He recommends the Chautauqua trails for those looking for hikes here in Boulder. Masar is validation that the Flatirons can’t help but lure in those from all over Colorado!

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Cold Brew Season

Despite the ridiculous snowfall last week, it is officially iced coffee season here in Colorado. While I prefer hot coffee, I do occasionally thirst for a refreshing iced coffee on hot and sunny days.

photo courtesy of Simon Wright/Flickr

Because I usually drink iced coffee the way I drink regular coffee—with no milk or sugar—I find most conventional iced coffee to be bitter. Sometimes I add coconut water to my iced coffee to make it better tasting—which I totally thought was a brilliant and unique idea until I discovered that it was not. But there are a few iced coffees I find light and nuanced in flavor, without adding anything to them. Blue Bottle’s cold brewed is particularly tasty, as is Stumptown’s, and the locally brewed and bottled Bottlerocket iced coffee from Boxcar is a fine on-the-go option that can be found in many specialty markets and cafes throughout Boulder and Denver.

While every specialty coffee shop or roastery has their own unique blend and method for making iced coffee, most are keen on the cold brewing method. Sometimes referred to as iced toddy, a cold brew is favored by many because it yields a …read more

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Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


Meet Madeleine, a speech language and hearing science graduate from CU Boulder. She will be off to attend New York Medical College in late August.

Madeleine grew up in Independence, Oregon, and has been in Boulder for six years. “It’s relaxing here,” she says.

“The majority of my memories here are from school. I had a guest lecture for phonetics one year in my intro to linguistics class. After that, it became my minor for undergrad.”

Now this Oregon native-turned-Boulderite is off to chase her dreams in New York.

Good luck Madeleine!

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Johanna Voss: Nutrition Coach and Your New BFF


If hummingbirds came in human form, they’d look like nutrition coach, Johanna Voss. Her boundless energy and passion infect those around her—so much so that it’s not until later that you realize you were excitedly talking about chia seeds for the past two hours, and it was actually interesting.

Hailing from the East Coast, Johanna is self-described as a “half marathoner, nutrition junkie, bookstore dweller, tea latte drinker, adventure-seeker [and] world traveler who is fluent in Spanish and has a healthy dose of curiosity.” She specializes in nutrition for female runners looking to improve not only their PRs, but also their quality of life.

With a background in political organizing, Johanna is no stranger to long days and short nights, and the difficulties that abound in trying to fit exercise and proper nutrition into a busy life. She’s always enjoyed cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and encouraging her friends to try new workouts and foods, so it was an easy transition to leave the stressful world of political campaigns to pursue a certification as a health coach four years ago.

As a 36 year old runner, Voss loves working with women who share her interest in marathons and half marathons. Her ideal client …read more

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