Beautifying You With Science

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So… two things blew my mind this week and simultaneously confirmed that I live in a delicate balance of stupor and caffeination.

Number one, this:

via instagram


He posted this in January. The baby was born April 9th! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?

I once considered taking a job in Bozeman, Montana and WHAT IF I WAS HIS BABY’S PEDIATRICIAN!?!? Yes, of course this is relevant.

Clearly there’s more beauty in the world now that a member of *NSYNC has procreated.

The second mind blowing factoid is this, which also surfaced back in January, but I just found out about this week:

via birchbox

Yes, January. Not October, where one might expect creepy blood rimmed eyes… but January.

She’s using red-orange lipstick as concealer. Not for Halloween, but for her regular life make-up.


Is your mind not blown?

Both of this week’s revelations emphasize the amazing wonders of science. The first, bouncing Baby Timberlake, came about through fertilization, zygotes, embryos, yadda yadda, biology. I’ll let junior high health spell that one out for you.

The second capitalizes on the opponent theory of color wavelengths in the visible spectrum. That necessitates a longer explanation that includes physics and frequency and things I’d rather not worry about on …read more

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