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Meet Jerica! She was born and raised in Colorado and is currently a Sophomore Journalism major at University of Colorado Boulder.

“Growing up with five older brothers was awesome because it made me tough and gave me a lot of confidence.”

“I loved traveling and watching them play sports; those were some of my favorite memories. One of the memories that stands out is when my oldest brother took the high school baseball team to state for the first time in school history. It was extra special because two of my older brothers were on the team, so it was a pretty proud moment for our family.”

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In Soviet Union, Bad Movie Watches You

From 1978 to 1990, Andrei Chikatilo murdered at least 52 women and children in Soviet Russia. Putting aside the grim fact that it’s fiendishly difficult to capture a serial killer under any circumstances, Chikatilo enjoyed a unique advantage. It was widely believed in Soviet circles that murder in general, and serial murder in particular, was a uniquely Western phenomenon that couldn’t possibly occur in the USSR. Blinded by ideology, investigators instead persecuted innocent homosexuals, believing homosexuality to be a dangerous mental illness. Good thing nothing like that ever happens here.

In 1995, HBO released the made-for-cable film Citizen x, a smart and compelling examination of Chikatilo’s crimes and the reasons why his spree lasted so long. It’s largely forgotten now, but it’s well worth digging up. Now we have Child 44, a film about a killer like Chikatilo. It should have stayed buried.

Based on a pretty darn good novel by Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 introduces us to Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), an agent for the secret police. He and his wife Raisa (Noomi Rapace) live in an expansive Moscow apartment, and Demidov spends his days tracking down traitors and dissidents. Understand that, in Soviet Russia, the concept of treason was …read more

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Beautifying You With Science

Timberlake Instagram

So… two things blew my mind this week and simultaneously confirmed that I live in a delicate balance of stupor and caffeination.

Number one, this:

via instagram


He posted this in January. The baby was born April 9th! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?

I once considered taking a job in Bozeman, Montana and WHAT IF I WAS HIS BABY’S PEDIATRICIAN!?!? Yes, of course this is relevant.

Clearly there’s more beauty in the world now that a member of *NSYNC has procreated.

The second mind blowing factoid is this, which also surfaced back in January, but I just found out about this week:

via birchbox

Yes, January. Not October, where one might expect creepy blood rimmed eyes… but January.

She’s using red-orange lipstick as concealer. Not for Halloween, but for her regular life make-up.


Is your mind not blown?

Both of this week’s revelations emphasize the amazing wonders of science. The first, bouncing Baby Timberlake, came about through fertilization, zygotes, embryos, yadda yadda, biology. I’ll let junior high health spell that one out for you.

The second capitalizes on the opponent theory of color wavelengths in the visible spectrum. That necessitates a longer explanation that includes physics and frequency and things I’d rather not worry about on …read more

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Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


Meet John! Born and raised in Denver, John is just about as Colorado as it gets! He has worked as a library technician at the University of Colorado Boulder for 21 years. He says that the University is his favorite part of Boulder.

“Macbeth’s atmosphere puts it high up on the list,” he says when talking about his favorite book.

“Colorado encourages individualism in solitude,” John says.

I guess Colorado is just like a big library when you think about it!

Thanks John!

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Early Bird Breakfast: An Untraditional Happy Hour


Traditional happy hour is geared toward those of us who are trying to decompress from a hard day’s work or to simply enjoy some discounted drinks with a few friends. Both the food and adult beverages weigh in about equally when I am deciding where to go to happy hour. Sometimes, though, I’m just interested in finding some grub and don’t necessarily want to drink, especially when it’s before 9am. What about those of us who get an early start to the day? Luckily, a handful of restaurants in Boulder reward us early birds! It isn’t a traditional happy hour but I think it’s well worth mentioning the early deals here, so you don’t all have to search for them like I did.

Boulder is stocked full of breakfast places, the most well-known being Foolish Craig’s, Snooze, Dot’s Diner, The Walnut Cafe and The Buff Restaurant. Since I’m not here to discuss the entire menu, I’ll get to the point and highlight the less well-known early morning deals offered at some of these restaurants.

I’ve already highlighted the great happy hour at Foolish Craig’s but I failed to mention it’s early morning food specials. For just $2.75 you can order an …read more

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Snakes in Boulder

Despite the chilly temps this week, it has been and will be pretty warm outside; snakes are back out in the fields and trails around Boulder. But never fear, Boulder County is home to only one venomous snake, the prairie rattlesnake.

There are a few kinds of nonvenomous snakes that reside here as well, but you will likely only get confused when you see a Bull snake. Bull snakes are quite common around Boulder and their large size and similar pattern to that of a prairie rattlesnake get people worried when they come across one on the trail. Here are some ways to tell them apart:

1. Coloring/Pattern

Both snakes have a brownish spot pattern, but the rattlesnake has light circles outlining his dark spots. The rattlesnake also usually appear more of a dusty brown color, and the bull snake has dark brown, blackish blotches.

2. Head shape

Bull snakes’s heads are the same size as their necks, while the prairie rattlesnake has a head much broader than the neck, in a somewhat triangle shape.

3. Rattler

This can be a little confusing because some prairie rattlesnakes have stopped rattling to warn those around it, which is …read more

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Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


Meet Maureen Laitres (far right), Connecticut native who has been living in Boulder for the last five years.

If Boulder is missing one thing, it would be a beach, she says. Laitres wears the brightest smile, and behind those glasses are the greenest Irish eyes you have ever seen.

“You see some interesting, funky and beautiful things here,” she says. Laitres loves to sit out on her patio with her girlfriends and watch the beautiful Boulder scenery.

“I live in a fabulous location, with a library and grocery store just a walk away!”

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Sphero: The Ball That Does It All


Thought the time for toys was in your past? Or that they’re only for your kids to play with? Think again! Get ready to stop, drop and roll with Sphero (literally this toy will actually do that!) the app controlled ball that does it all!

Sphero is a toy ball that combines technology and software with the physical play, movement and hardware of a toy. This sphere, hence the name Sphero, is made up of a high-impact polycarbonate shell that holds an Orbtotix Smart Robot inside. Compatible with iPhones and iPads using iOS 4.0+, Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets as well as Andriod devices with operating systems 2.2+ Sphero allows you to play, learn and even connect and play with friends or family with their multi-play feature through all of your handheld devices.

Playing with your Sphero is more than just tapping your fingers on a screen to play a computer game by tapping your fingers on your phone or iPad, its dynamic and interactive. Their Driving game allows you to drive and roll your Sphero around you in any environment. The Arcade feature turns Sphero a handheld control for games while the Tabletop feature turns your Sphero into something …read more

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Celebrate 4/20 With Live Music

Boulder’s music scene is gearing up for Colorado’s favorite holiday. Weed is legal and it’s time to celebrate 4/20 once again with a full lineup of music.

The Grammy-nominated Infamous Stringdusters, a favorite bluegrass group around these parts, will be putting on two shows at The Boulder Theater. Fresh off performing the ski mountain circuit, the band has chosen Boulder to celebrate with on Monday. While the Saturday night show is sold out, there are still tickets available for the holiday on Monday night, so make sure to grab those ASAP! The Duster’s new album Let It Go is their fifth studio record, which reflects the tight bond these musicians have with one another. With beautiful gospel harmonies and instrumental virtuosity, they are pushing the boundaries of traditional bluegrass.

You might be wondering to yourself, if The Infamous Stringdusters are playing at The Boulder Theater Saturday and Monday, who’s going to fill the Sunday slot while The Dusters play at closing day in Breckenridge? The answer is that you will be treated to an evening with Drive-By Truckers. The alternative country/ Southern rock band based out of Georgia is on their semi-acoustic tour titled, Dirt Underneath Tour. After performing for almost 10 …read more

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Faces of Boulder-Pic of the Day!


“We would wake up at 3:50 am, meditate for two hours, perform morning chants and have a silent breakfast. There would be silence until 2:00 pm, followed by another work period, where I usually did lawn work, then a silent dinner and another meditation practice.”

Meet Andrew Bryson! Before coming to CU Boulder, Bryson spent eight months in a Zen monastery in Oregon.

“There were as few as eight people and as many as 24 at the peak times of the year;” says Bryson, “I really enjoyed it.”

After his stay in the monastery, Bryson attended Naropa and then transferred to CU Boulder. He is currently a philosophy major, interested in a possible music minor.

“It is beautiful here,” Bryson says, “I grew up in a small Texas town where I felt weird and here I feel normal. It is just easy to be accepted.”

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