Ari Pregen Outdoors

Ari Pregen has always had a deep love for all things outdoors. As a young boy, the inside could not easily contain him, and he was always out at an athletic practice or playing a sport. During college at the University of Colorado Boulder is where Ari Pregen found his love of mountain biking, hiking, and skiing.

His college town, Boulder, Colorado, is found right at the base of the Rocky Mountains and is surrounded by thousands upon thousands of acres of open space. Ari Pregen found, in opinion,  the best rock climbing at Eldorado Springs State Park.  The difficulty of the climbing varies depending on the terrain you choose in the Flatirons. His favorite park, Eldorado Springs State Park, has over 800 acres and has more than 500 rock climbing routes. This park has over 11 miles of hiking and biking trails that Ari Pregen likes to explore.

Hiking in the Flatirons near Boulder, Colorado is an activity that Ari Pregen greatly enjoyed during college. The trails wind through a green meadow and follows a notch between the First and Second Flatiron. Ari Pregen finds the best part of this hike in the Flatirons to be the breathtaking and unmatched views of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Emerging from the local woods, Ari Pregen recalls hiking up through a long talus field ,and the trail is well constructed through this gigantic stack of rock. The trail continues in and out of the shade, over rock, and eventually to a scramble over some larger rock to rejoin the trail. The next landmark he remembers is the notch between the first and second flatiron; you’ll see the angled outcrop of the second flatiron just below the notch. This is a great place to stop and relax.

The notch between the first and second flatiron offers Ari Pregen more views of Boulder and a birds-eye view of the CU campus.

But Ari Pregen found a better place to take a break is just behind the notch. Here, he was able to to look down into a canyon that runs between flatiron two and three where you get a great view.